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Community Scholarship Fund of Barrington

The Community Scholarship Fund of Barrington provides scholarships for residents of Barrington, Rhode Island to offset the cost of tuition and fees during four years of post-secondary education. All Barrington residents, from public and private high schools, are eligible for Community Scholarship Fund of Barrington scholarships.

Scholarship awards are based on financial need, scholastic ability, recommendations, community service, and extracurricular activities.


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Congratulations to the students receiving scholarship awards for the 2020-2021 academic year

Audrey McCarthy, Aidan Gasbarro, Oskar Schnippering, Catherine Darling, Shannon Farrell, Mackenzie Whittaker, Catherine Leonardo, Gabriel Arriagada, Lana Chenab, Ava McConnell, Willem Hawthorne, Hayley Gasbarro, Clio McBride, Dara Elqadi, Samantha Alexander, Benjamin Conway, Alison Huang, Sophia Mecca, Emily Swintak, Marta Matzko, Anna Li, Violet Johnson, Anna McGee, Olivia Darling, Erin Jackson, Kara Moran, Sophie Piette, Walter Joachim DelPoio, Claire Pomfret, Stephen Danyla

April 24
We want to assure all students that we have received your applications for 2020-2021 CSF scholarships. We are currently reviewing the applications and will email everyone in May.